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Catch Phrase| 品质革命(pǐnzhì gémìng)

Date: 2018-March-16Writer: Share:

品质革命(pǐnzhì gémìng): Quality revolution

In this year's Government Work Report, Premier Li Keqiang said steps would be taken to ignite a revolution in the quality of Chinese-made goods so as to improve the quality, work toward meeting the highest international standards and encourage the craftsmanship spirit.

A quality revolution was first advanced at the executive meeting of the State Council, China's Cabinet, on May 11, 2016. It refers to a series of reforms that aim to increase the kinds of consumer goods, improve their quality and create famous brands, in order to better satisfy people's upgrading consumer demands.

To improve the quality of made-in-China goods, every industry should make quality the common goal. Every industry link from production to after-sales service should live up to a high standard. Meanwhile, a skilled labor force should be cultivated and the spirit of craftsmanship fostered in all walks of life. In addition, there should be a focus on technological innovation to develop original high added-value products.

Only in this way can China's manufacturing and services achieve high-end development and so successfully compete globally.

(Source: chinadaily.com.cn)

Editor: Stephanie Yang